About Reuben K Byrd

With almost three decades of experience in nearly every aspect of the shipyard business, Reuben K. Byrd understands the many facets of the industry, from engineering design and fabrication to management and finance. He has worked for companies small and large, at times supervising more than 980 employees at work on 30 separate projects.

Affiliated with the American Waterways Operators, the Society of Marine Port Engineers, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Reuben K. Byrd is currently the Grand Bahama Shipyard’s Senior Vice President of Operations. Hired in 2009, Byrd oversees the yard’s daily operations, which include the drydocking and repair of cruise ships, tankers, and other oceangoing vessels. Before his employment at Grand Bahama Shipyard, Reuben K. Byrd worked for Bender Shipbuilding & Repair Co., Inc., Tampa Bay Shipbuilding & Repair Co., Inc. (now Tampa Ship LLC), and Lyon Shipyards, Inc., performing supervisory and/or managerial duties for all three. At Tampa Bay, Byrd implemented a new construction division within the company and increased sales in its repair and conversion division by 40 percent; at Bender Shipbuilding, he cut the company’s overhead costs in half and increased the net profit margin by 14 percent.

Reuben K. Byrd began his career with Atlantic Marine, Inc., in 1984, working as a Mechanical Technician and later as a Project Manager. Leaving Atlantic Marine in 1988, Byrd took a position as Project Manager with North Florida Shipyards, Inc. By the time he left the company 12 years later, in 2000, he had worked his way up to become General Manager of Ind-Mar Industries, a machine shop subsidiary of North Florida Shipyards.


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