Careers in the Shipyards

As the Chief Operating Officer at Grand Bahama Shipyard Ltd., Reuben K. Byrd manages many aspects of the company’s daily work. Reuben K. Byrd was also responsible for revamping Grand Bahama’s four-year apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship is a gateway to many shipyard careers. A few jobs in ship construction involve working with heavy and bulky equipment, such as:

– Heavy mobile equipment mechanic. Workers in this trade determine the cause of malfunctions and find defects. They repair internal combustion engines powered by diesel, gasoline, and other power sources. They also look into problems with hydraulic systems and drive line systems.

– Marine machinery mechanic. These workers maintain and overhaul many pieces of equipment, such as anchors, lifeboat attachments, and propulsion devices. On submarines, they are responsible for keeping missile tubes in good order.

– Rigger. A rigger’s duty is to move light to heavy objects, employing cranes, blocks and tackles, chainfalls, and winches.

– Shipfitter. These workers design and make doors, railings, tanks, bulwarks, and catapults. They also make surfaces ready for riveting or welding.

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